Learn the tools you need to enhance your wellness journey 

Meal Planning 101 (online service)

Do you ever find yourself reaching for a snack or meal that doesn’t feel nourishing simply because it was the only thing around? Are you hoping to incorporate more home-cooked meals into your schedule, but are afraid that you won’t have the time?

Knowing how to meal plan is a powerful tool. Not only does it allow you to save money, it also saves you time. This means more time doing what you love and more time spent with the people you love. 

This package includes one session where we will find how meal prep can fit into your life, as well as one follow-up email conversation to see how things are going and answer any questions. This package also gives you access to three essential meal planning and prep resources.


While working together, we will find an efficient system designed around you that can bring ease and joy to your weeks and your home-cooking.

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Kitchen Pantry Makeover (online service)

Ready for your pantry to look fresh, clean, and full of healthy and nourishing foods? 


By getting rid of items that no longer serve us in our wellness journey, we make it easier to make intentional food choices that will allow us to feel energized and balanced.

With this add-on, we will work together to go through the food items you have in your pantry, and from there we will find which ones you want to keep in your life, which you would like to find a healthier alternative to, and which ones you would like to let go of. 

We will discuss pantry organization and cleanliness in order to help you to keep your pantry clean, fresh, and full of nourishing products long after our makeover.

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