3 Things to Know About Getting Healthy

Updated: May 11

And why you don't actually have to follow latest diet trend to reach your health goals

These are not only the top 3 things I tell to clients when we start working together, but it’s also the information I wish I knew when I first started my health journey!

The last one is especially important because we live in a world with so many diets & programs out there that just don’t work for so many women! Not only can it feel defeating and shaming, but it can also make women feel hopeless about getting healthy.

Thankfully, there’s a better way…

… getting a wellness plan designed around YOU! This means your likes, dislikes, priorities, goals, food preferences, and lifestyle are all accounted for, and you get personalized recommendations & guidance that allows you to finally reach those health goals 🙌🏼

If you’re ready to skip past the dieting, and get your own personalized roadmap to health, apply for 1:1 coaching at https://w76wcdkd8a4.typeform.com/to/TyRmWTkO 💛

Now, let's get into the 3 things you need to know about getting healthy...

1.You don't have to restrict your eating - Diets, and restricting your eating, can be really harmful to your body- and it's just not enjoyable or sustainable! Instead, try focusing on what healthy habits and foods you can add in. What we put our energy towards will grow- so let’s grow happy habits to transform our health!

2. Healthy living is about more than what you eat- Our health is not solely defined by the foods we eat. Relationships, jobs, environment, and so much more play a role in how we feel- so they all need to be tended to when we're trying to get healthy! Happiness and health go hand in hand, and this is all taken into consideration when working with a holistic health coach.

3. What works for someone else might not work for you- If you've tried multiple diets and lifestyle changes that just don't seem to work, you know first hand that there isn't a one size fits all method for getting healthy. We all have different bodies, needs, priorities, lifestyles, and goals- so a wellness plan designed around you is the way to go! Schedule your free consultation today, and let's get started working on yours!


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