3 Things You Need to Know About Getting Healthy

Updated: May 11

Ready to transform your health? Here's 3 things you need to know

Keto, paleo, low-carb, oh my!

With so much information put out about health each day, it can be hard to know what we're supposed to be doing to actually get healthy! To help clear up some confusion, here are three basic guidelines to keep in mind when looking to improve your health, life, and wellbeing:

1. You don’t have to restrict your eating 🎂

Diets, and restricting your eating, can be really harmful to our bodies- and it's just not enjoyable or sustainable! Instead, try focusing on what healthy habits and foods you can add in. For example, you could add in a bowl of fruit, some extra veggies, water, or even a get together with a friend. What we put our energy towards will grow, so instead of focusing on what foods we can't have (which will likely only make us think about them/want them more) let's put our energy towards more healthy & happy habits!

2. Healthy living is about more than just what you eat 🌱

Although food is definitely an important aspect of health, our wellbeing is also impacted by much more than just what we eat. Our career, relationships, environment, and so much more play a role in how we feel- which means they all need to be tended to when we're looking to transform our health. Most of the time, the food choices we make are also connected to these outside factors, so looking at your health from a holistic perspective can allow you to see which areas of your life could be preventing you from reaching those health goals!

3. Your body knows what it needs- learning it listen is key 🔑

Our bodies are quite smart, and they can actually know what we need in order to heal and feel healthy! Learning to live and eat intuitively can allow you to live a healthier & happier life with more ease and joy- one where you don't have to worry about calorie counting, cheat days, or following a strict diet!

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