4 Easy Low Waste Cleaning Swaps

Four simple swaps to make your cleaning routine more sustainable

Cleaning is one of the areas in which we may find ourselves using many single-use containers, plastic, and other products that end up in a landfill. As I started becoming more aware of my impact on the environment, and decided to try to become a bit more sustainable in my lifestyle, cleaning was one of the areas where I noticed the most room for improvement! Although my cleaning routine now isn't completely sustainable, here are four simple swaps I've learned along the way that have helped make a difference:

Four low waste swaps to make your cleaning routine more sustainable :

1. Use reusable glass containers - Rather than purchasing multiple plastic containers for things such as all purpose spray or other cleaning products, consider getting a glass container that can be refilled and reused time and time and again!

2. Opt for refillable soaps or make your own products when possible- If you aren't using bar soaps for hand washing, purchasing a soap dispenser and refillable soaps (in sustainable packaging) is a great alternative to using multiple plastic containers. When possible, another great alternative is creating your own hand soaps and cleaning products from scratch! For a bit more info on how to make your own cleaning products:



3. Switch to laundry sheets or powder- Instead of plastic covered laundry pods, try switching over to laundry sheets or powder. Some brands that offer laundry powder will also offer one container to store your powder, and then refillable options that come in recyclable packaging- making the process even more low waste! One of my favorites for laundry powder is:


4. Opt for reusable towels- Instead of single use towels for cleaning, try using a reusable towel that can be rinsed, washed, and reused! These can be purchased, homemade (I'm lucky enough to have a mom that knits beautiful towels) or even created of old t-shirts or sheets!

As always, I encourage you to be kind with yourself on your sustainability journey. No one is doing it perfectly and every small step can make a difference 💛

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