5 Easy Zero Waste Swaps

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Five simple low waste swaps to save money and help the environment

As many of us already know, the environment desperately needs our help. Sometimes, thinking about all the problems that our environment faces can be quite overwhelming, but it's empowering to know that there are little things we can do to make a difference. To start, here are five easy swaps you can make to minimize your waste and help the environment:

Five easy low waste swaps:

1. Shampoo bars/conditioners & bar soaps - The majority of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash options are found in plastic containers (many of which never get recycled and end up in our landfills). Instead of plastic containers, consider using bars for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! Not only do these bars avoid waste as they can be bought unpackaged, but they also tend to have healthier and more natural ingredients for our skin and hair.

2. Reusable coffee mugs & water bottles- Many of us drink water, tea, and/or coffee on a daily basis, making reusable coffee mugs and water bottles one of the best swaps you can make. By bringing in your own mug to a coffee shop, you reduce the need for any plastic containers, straws, and lids. Reusable water bottles are also a great idea not only because they eliminate the need for single use water bottles, but also because plastic water bottles can get expensive!

3. Reusable produce and grocery bags- So many of us go grocery shopping on a weekly basis, and for the most part, the produce bags available for us to use are made of plastic. Instead of these, consider buying reusable mesh produce bags. Not only can they be used over and over again each time you go grocery shopping, but many of them can also be washed, so you can keep them clean and ready to go. For grocery bags, although paper is a great alternative to plastic bags, purchasing a reusable one reduces the need for creating new paper products that don't always get recycled or used.

4. Bamboo toothbrush- Using a bamboo toothbrush is a great alternative to going through 4-5 (or more) plastic toothbrushes each year. Along with toothbrushes, there are great options for low waste toothpaste, such as toothpaste tabs and toothpaste that comes in metal tubes (I really love https://davids-usa.com/ for a more natural and low waste option).

5. Reusable cotton rounds- If you are an individual that wears makeup, this swap can help save you money and reduce the need for single use makeup remover wipes or cotton rounds (that you likely use on a daily basis). After using a reusable cotton round, all you have to do is rinse and wash it, and then it's ready to be used again!

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