5 Reasons to Start Working With a Health Coach

Updated: May 12

Why working with a health coach might be exactly what you've been looking for

As the health coaching field has slowly been rising in popularity, many people are still unsure what a health coach is, and what a health coach can do for them. In general, a health coach is a qualified individual who helps you reach your goals through one-on-one sessions and ongoing support. A health coach will typically provide you with tips, recommendations, recipes, healthy lifestyle and eating habits, a personalized wellness plan designed around you, and maybe most importantly, support and active listening. Holistic health coaches (such as myself) also look at nutrition from a whole person and whole life standpoint, meaning we take a look at all aspects of your life (work, environment, relationships, career, etc..) rather than just the foods you are eating.

Although health coaching is still relatively new, and you might not have heard about it before today, it might actually be exactly what you've been looking for to finally reach your health goals-whatever they may be. To see why, let's look at 5 reasons why you might start working with a health coach, and what our work together would look like:

Five reasons to start working with a health coach:

1. You're tired of diets- Unfortunately, as you may already know, diets don't work for many people. They will often offer "quick" and "easy" solutions, which usually means they will only work for a short amount of time (if at all). The idea behind many diets is also to provide an outline of foods you can and can't eat, which makes the whole process of getting healthy feel quite restrictive, and can even make eating and meal planning seem hopeless and bland. Instead of focusing on "good" and "bad" foods, our work together allows you to find the foods that do and don't work for your specific needs, and we put our efforts into intentionally adding in more of the foods that do work for your body. By putting our energy towards adding in healthy, wholesome, and nourishing foods, and focusing on real and sustainable solutions for your health goals, we differentiate ourselves from the diet culture that has let down so many.

2. You've been searching for someone who listens and understands- What's one thing that is is essential to getting healthy and can't be replaced? Support from someone who cares. Working with a health coach allows you to have consistent, reliable, and ongoing support from someone who has been where you are, and understands both the beauty and the challenges of a health journey. Having a health coach allows you to have someone who is there to listen without judgement, provide support and guidance during your challenging times, and celebrate all your wins!

3. You want a wellness plan that's designed around your lifestyle- Everyone has different lifestyles, schedules, priorities, and to-do lists, which is why having a wellness plan that's designed around your specific life is going to help you thrive and succeed in your health journey. Rather than a "one size fits all" approach, we work together to find how to implement habits into your everyday life that feel doable and sustainable.

4. You want simple and realistic solutions- Working with a health coach allows you to see exactly what you can be doing to reach your health goals, while also leaving room for totally normal setbacks and struggles. As your health coach, I help you find simple and realistic changes to implement into your everyday life in order to get you to where you want to be.

5. You're interested in long-lasting and sustainable results- Our work together is intended to give you the tools you'll need to continue living a healthy and balanced life long after our sessions are done! By learning about and implementing healthy nourishment and lifestyle habits, finding a wellness plan that's designed around you, and learning to listen to and understand what your body needs (all of which our work together teaches you), holistic health becomes second nature, and allows you to continue to see the endless benefits of healthy living throughout your entire life.

If this sounds like you, or you're interested in learning more about how health coaching can help you, feel free to email me directly at faustinemicheyl@gmail.com or apply for 1:1 coaching today at https://w76wcdkd8a4.typeform.com/to/TyRmWTkO

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