7 Things to Let go of in the New Year

Welcome in the new year with a fresh start

As the year is slowly coming to a close, many of us are preparing our goals and resolutions for the new season in life that's about to begin. In order to make space for a fresh start, we also need to let go of some things- so here are 7 things to let go of as we enter the new year:

1. Habits that aren't helping you grow- whether it's spending hours scrolling on your phone, choosing foods that make you feel tired and sluggish, or not making time for rest, we all have habits that hold us back from becoming the person we want to be. By letting go of these habits, we allow space for new (more productive) habits will act as the stepping stones to reaching our goals.

2. The belief that you aren't enough- this one is definitely easier said than done! Many of us have the belief that we are not enough as we are, which can be rooted in past experiences, our childhood, the messages society sends, and many other places! Letting go of this belief by practicing affirmations, journaling, or even working with a therapist, can completely change your perspective, and eventually, your life.

3. Clutter- whether it's physical, mental, or digital, clutter makes it difficult for us to thrive. Cleaning our spaces is important, but decluttering takes the cleaning process one step further as we release what we no longer need. By only keeping the things that serve us, we create an environment that is not only easier to keep clean, but also one that allows us to think more clearly, reduce our stress, and live more intentionally.

4. Relationships that drain your energy- Many of us know the feeling of spending with someone who drains of our energy. Whether it's constant complaining, picking others apart, putting people down to make themselves feel better, not respecting boundaries, or using harmful words, spending time with people like this can take a serious toll on our mental health. Although we may not always have the ability to remove every draining relationship from our life, letting go of toxic relationships can allow room for healthier and happier ones to come in.

5. Old text conversations- holding on to old text conversations can sometimes serve a purpose or bring us joy and comfort. Other times, keeping these conversations can hold us back from moving on from situations or people in our lives, which can take a toll on our wellbeing and hinder our ability to live in the present. Instead of holding on to old conversations, consider replacing this habit with messaging someone you love, or starting a conversation with someone new!

6. Not setting boundaries- setting boundaries is a crucial part of a healthy life. My favorite definition of boundaries comes from Prentis Hemphill, who says that "Boundaries are the distance at which I can love both you and me simultaneously". By setting boundaries at work, in your relationships, and in any other aspect of your life, you not only honor yourself and your needs, but you also honor those around you.

7. Anything from the past that no longer serves you- overall, one of the best things we can do as we move into the new year is let go of anything from our past that no longer serves a purpose in our present.


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