Chocolate Covered Strawberries (vegan, gluten free, naturally sweetened)

A three-ingredient sweet & healthy snack

Tip: The green leaves of strawberries are edible, so as long as you aren't allergic, feel free to enjoy the entire strawberry to cut back on food waste and get some more greens in!


- 16 oz strawberries

- 1/4 cup vegan chocolate (or naturally sweetened chocolate chips)

- 1 tbsp coconut oil

- 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  1. Wash strawberries

  2. Melt together the chocolate and coconut oil

  3. Carefully dip strawberries into your chocolate, and place them on a plate or baking tray (can use reusable baking sheet to avoid sticking)

  4. Repeat process until all strawberries are used up

  5. Drizzle over any leftover chocolate

  6. Allow to set in fridge for at least 30 min, and enjoy!

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