Five Ways to Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

5 easy ways to stick to your resolution and reach your goals this year

As the year is wrapping up, many of us are starting to write down our hopes, intentions, goals, and resolutions for the new year! Planning these goals can feel exciting and motivating, but thinking about keeping up with them throughout the whole year can feel quite daunting.

Thankfully, there's 5 simple steps we can take to help ensure that we stick to our resolutions and finally reach those goals!

1. Find the "why" behind your goal- knowing (and really understanding) the reason behind your resolutions is key to sticking to them. Your "why" is what helps you to keep going when the motivation isn't there, or when goals start to seem impossible. For example, if your goal is to get healthy, your "why" might be, "I want to take care of my health so that that I am able to enjoy my life and time with loved ones with ease and energy". Having a visualization of this "why" somewhere (near your desk, on your phone, etc..) can act as a great reminder of why you're putting in the work!

2. Start small- although it may seem appealing to set big goals at the start of the new year, it's also important to have small and specific steps we can take to reach these big goals. For example, if your resolution is to finally get healthy this year, you might want to start by setting the goal of going on a 10 minute walk for 4 days a week. Small and specific changes are key to sustaining our new habits!

3. Have an accountability partner- finding an accountability partner can allow you stay on track with your goals- all while having someone to share the ups and downs of the journey with!

4. Practice self-love and compassion- when we are fueled by self love and compassion, rather than guilt and shame, we are much more likely to sustain our resolutions and reach our goals. Although it can be easier said than done, having a strong foundation of self love will allow you to be kind with yourself on this journey, forgiving when you make mistakes, and it can act as the fuel to sustain your goals in the long run.

5. Ask for support- many new years resolutions don't stick in the long term because we forget to ask for support! Like many things in life, having a good support system can be the difference between finally reaching your goals, and giving up completely. Whether it be a professional, family member, friend, or loved one, don't hesitate to reach out for support when needed!

If you're interested in transforming your health and finally reaching those health goals this year, working with a holistic health coach can help you do just that! Email me at (or sign up for a completely free online consultation with the link below) and let's chat about specific ways to get you to where you want to be 💛

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