How to Avoid Holiday Food Guilt

Three simple steps to enjoying the holidays without the food guilt

1. Remember: health is balance not perfection

The first step to enjoying the holidays without food guilt is reminding yourself that healthy living is about balance, not perfection. It's normal that during the holidays we can find ourselves eating a bit more out of alignment with how we usually nourish our bodies, and this is okay! Allow yourself the space and kindness to enjoy foods, and know that your health, (and progress) isn't defined by one meal, or the foods you eat from time to time.

2. Focus on adding in

Instead of telling yourself there are foods you absolutely can't eat, focus on adding in some healthy options wherever you can! This can be as simple as a side of green beans, a little bit of salad, or a short walk! By allowing yourself to enjoy some holiday foods, and adding in a few more balanced options (if you wish to), you can take away a lot of the stress and anxiety that tends to surround holiday meals.

3. Listen to what you need

The holidays can be a stressful time for many, and lots of us tend to turn towards food as a form of comfort. Although food can feel quite comforting, tuning into our bodies is a nice way to see what we might actually be needing during this season. This could be support from someone we trust, a little time to ourselves, more healthy boundaries, or rest. Practicing kindness, self care, and love for ourselves is always important, but especially during the holidays- and doing so help us eat and live bit more mindfully.

If you struggle with food guilt and are looking for a little extra support during or after the holiday season, email me at and let's chat about how we can transform your health and relationship with food!

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