How to Revitalize Your Health This Spring

Updated: Jul 5

Seasonal health tips to help you make the most out of spring

◦ Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables- A lot of grocery stores and co-ops will offer seasonal produce at a lower price when the fruits and veggies are actually in season. Not only can eating seasonally help you save money, but it is also beneficial to your health, overall wellbeing, and the environment. A few of the spring seasonal fruits and veggies include: apricots, lychees, carrots, lemons, artichokes, asparagus, avocados, lettuce, and more!

◦ Enjoy farmers markets- farmers markets tend to be more popular in the spring and summer time, especially if you are living somewhere where it gets much colder during the winter. When available to you, farmers markets are great places to get local and (sometimes) organic produce. They are also a wonderful way to help support your local farmers while getting to spend some time outside.

◦ Clean your home- taking the time to clean our homes can bring us a sense of happiness and peace of mind. During the winter we tend to buy more items and accumulate more stuff, which makes spring the perfect time to declutter and start fresh. Sorting through our items and letting go of the things we no longer love or need allows us to have more space in our homes and in our minds. By donating items that no longer serve a purpose in our life, we can also help the people in our community and ensure that our items are not going to waste. In addition, removing dust and other allergens from your space can also help limit or reduce seasonal allergies, which tend to be popular during this season!

◦ Consider making small changes to your routines- once the cold weather is done and it begins to get warmer, it can become a little easier to implement small amounts of physical activity/time outdoors into our routines. For example, if you have the opportunity to, consider biking or walking to nearby places, such as your work or local grocery store. Small changes are more likely to be sustainable, which makes them impactful and helpful in reaching our health goals.

◦ Refresh your pantry- looking at what we have in our kitchens can help us ensure that we are only keeping items that are nourishing and foods that are in alignment with the way we want to live. Going through our pantries can help us see if there are any foods that have expired that we can get rid of, or if there are any foods that no longer fit with our values and lifestyle. Once you are done going through your food items, consider donating the ones that were not opened (and that have not expired) to your local food shelter. If you are looking for some support in refreshing your pantry, check out my kitchen pantry makeover:

◦ Open your windows- if you live somewhere where it gets cold during the winter, it is likely you did not get a chance to change the air in your house a lot. The spring is a nice chance for us to let in some fresh air and enjoy the weather getting warmer. Changing the air in your home is important in improving your indoor air quality, and it can be beneficial in helping both your physical and mental wellbeing.

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