Stuffed Acorn Squash (vegan, gluten free, oil free)

A healthy lunch or dinner recipe full of autumn flavors

With fall right around the corner, I thought it was time to start posting some more seasonal recipes!

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons not only because of the cozy weather, fun activities, and comfy sweaters, but also because of all the produce that's in season during this time! There are so many different foods that can usually be found locally and used in a variety of dishes- such as pumpkins, squash, apples, and more!

This recipe is a blend of soft autumn flavors with a mix of high protein and nourishing ingredients, so if you're looking for a simple and tasty recipe to start off fall, I recommend giving this a try!

Note: This recipe usually serves about 3-4 people, so feel free to adjust amounts accordingly and keep any leftovers in the fridge for up to two days


2 acorn squash

1 cup quinoa (uncooked)

2 cups veggie broth

2-3 stalks of celery

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1 tbsp rosemary

Salt to taste

Step by step:

  1. Cook your quinoa with your veggie broth (rinse quinoa using a thin strainer, bring quinoa and veggie broth to a boil on stovetop, reduce to a simmer, allow to cook for about 10-20 minutes-until all the water is absorbed)

  2. Preheat oven to 350° Fahrenheit

  3. While quinoa is cooking, wash and chop your celery

  4. In a medium bowl, combine your cooked quinoa with your celery, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, thyme, and salt

  5. Cut your acorn squash in half and remove the seeds

  6. Add your quinoa mixture to the acorn squash halves and place on an oven safe tray

  7. Place in oven for about one hour (the squash should be soft when you poke a fork into it)

  8. Once the squash is ready, carefully serve and enjoy!

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