Three Simple Tips for Clean Eating

Updated: May 11

Simple changes you can start making today!

1. Read ingredient labels

Taking the time to read the labels on your food is a great way to make informed and empowered decisions. I always recommend looking for ingredients that you can recognize, and avoiding foods with added preservatives, chemicals, oils, and sugars.

2. Focus on whole foods

Focusing on whole foods (veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains) is a great way to nourish your body and enhance your health. Evidence based data continues to show that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is linked to less disease, inflammation, and illness- which means more happy healthy living!

3. Go organic when possible

Opting for organic foods whenever possible is a great way to avoid the harmful chemicals that conventional foods are typically treated with. Unfortunately, our food system makes it so that organic produce is more expensive, and not everyone has the opportunity to eat organic. Because of this, those who have more money unjustly have more of an opportunity to eat healthy and clean foods. Clearly, there are many problems with this. Until we live in a better food system, I recommend opting for even just one or two organic foods, and throughly washing the rest of your produce, when possible.

For more guidance on choosing which produce to buy organic:

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